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"I like to blame the glorious Mediterranean light that blesses Greece illuminating all the colours it touches, and the sparkling turquoise waters of the sea for my love of using bold, vibrant and jewel-like colours. "
"Let me say, I was very hesitant in commissioning my first piece of artwork in Greece. Being that I live in the USA, I was worried that I couldn't be around to see the work in progress, I couldn't ensure that the artist was actually working and that I would be lost without a final piece of art. 
Lena removed all of those fears. She is the ultimate professional. She organized the work into easy-to-understand blocks of work. Then within those bocks, she shared sketches and pictures, and we discussed next step plans. She walked me through the project so well that I was never confused about what was coming. 
I'd definitely purchase from Lena again.
Meet Lena!
Lena Blonsky is a visual artist whose creative journey was quite unconventional. Growing up, creative occupations were considered frivolous and discouraged so when she finally broke away as a young adult she took the opportunity to study interior design long distance while working on cruise ships. Parallel to working as a freelance interior designer, teaching English and translating books whilst also raising her daughter, Lena attended creative workshops on painting, ceramics and photography. In 2010 she began designing her own rugs that were manufactured in Nepal and received the ADEX Silver Design Award for one of her designs. Since then her designs have also been applied to handmade cement tiles and textiles. In 2015 she was asked to participate in an exhibition at The Hub in Athens, which inspired and encouraged her to continue creating her art. Since then she has participated in several exhibitions and continues to create both wall art and surface designs from her studio in Athens.
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