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The mainstay and hallmark of my artwork is relief art on wood that I create using a particular technique I have developed and made my own over the years.This technique adds another visual and tactile dimension to my artwork that I cannot achieve any other way. That, together with my style of colourful art and design makes for striking paintings that can make an impact and delightful focal point in any interior.
Prints of my artworks are available to purchase through my shop on Pixels, but you may also request prints directly from me. I like to embellish select prints to provide an added quality not available via Pixels. My prints are high quality fine art giclee reproductions of my paintings. Browse from a selection of my artworks.

Meet Lena!
While working as a freelance interior designer I was always exploring ways to express my creative nature. Over the years I attended a few local and online art and ceramics workshops, but mostly worked on my own exploring the ways I could apply what I learned in my own signature style. And I found it. In the form of a technique I have developed over the years to create relief art on [mostly -and preferably] large panels. I have, and still do occasionally, create on canvas and paper, but my favourite results are achieved on large-scale wood panels.
Ny style is bold, colourful and graphic leaning towards a retro vibe. I also create surface designs and patterns for textiles, wallpaper and products. 
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