Amalia, relief artwork by Lenochka Blonsky created using the pyrograph with mixed media on wood finished with oils
Amalia’ - relief artwork created using the pyrograph with mixed media (finished with oils) on wood. The Amalía dress (created by Queen Amalia) follows the Biedermeier style, with a loose-fitting, white cotton or silk shirt, often decorated with lace at the neck and handcuffs, over which a richly embroidered jacket or vest is worn, usually of dark blue or claret velvet. The skirt was ankle-length, unpressed-pleated silk, the color usually azure. It was completed with a soft cap or fez with a single, long, golden silk tassel, traditionally worn by married women, or with the kalpaki (a toque) of the unmarried woman, and sometimes with a black veil for church. This dress became the usual attire of all Christian townswomen in both Ottoman Empire-occupied and liberated Balkan lands as far north as Belgrade.
images of work in progress
experimenting with the background in photoshop before applying in real
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