While taking an indefinite break from working on wood with pyrography I felt a nudge -or maybe more of a growling push- to do something a bit abstract. To just play with some colours on canvas. I always have a prepped canvas ready for moments like these where I can’t wait to play with paints while the inspiration is hot. So I started laying out some base colours on my canvas. 
I had no idea where it would go.
I just heard/saw/felt the colours I wanted to use and followed that.
To be honest I can’t quite recall how she came to me...and what surprised me with her was the motion she seems to have. She’s turning away, walking, her full head of hair swinging around in the decisiveness of her direction. By the end all I could hear her saying was ” Enough. Time’s Up. There is only Now. Time for Me. Time to be who I truly Am.”
Read my blog post to learn more and see all the process images.
materials: acrylics on canvas
dimensions: 100 x 100 cms 

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