I hand-painted my coffee table

Started March 10th, 2020

I’d been meaning to do this for some time but, as always, finding the time to do things for yourself is always a challenge! This is a coffee table I had had custom made years ago from my own design. For a long while, I had left the wood natural. Then I spray painted it red and that’s how it stayed for years. Now, I stripped the painted and hand-painted it with acrylics. But not without some misadventure after following the advice of one of my local paint shops I used what turned out to be the WRONG type of varnish!!! PANIC!!!  I thought it was ruined! Had to sand away the surface several times as the varnish had bubbled up in places  … then I had an idea I often use cassia wash on my relief artwork to create an aged look. So I did the same here and hoorah!! it worked. And to finish, of course, I went back to my loyal and reliable Windsor & Newton satin spray varnish. SAVED!

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