Myrto of Attica
Some of the components of traditional Greek costume are the kamisi or pokamiso [Greek: καμίσι - ποκάμισο]- a type of sleeveless undershirt, the tzako or zipouni [Gk:τζάκο - ζιπούνι] - a short jacket, to which the panomanika [Gk: πανομάνικα] and katomanika [Gk: κατομάνικα] -upper and lower sleeves were attached. 
The pokamiso was worn over the misofori [Gk: μισοφόρι] - underskirt, and was made of heavy cotton fabric woven on the loom. Depending on the occasion for which it was to be worn, the pokamiso was decorated with an elaborate colourful silk embroidery at the hem which was narrow for daily events and festivities but wider for weddings. Incredibly detailed these embroideries could take months to complete depending on the size. The head seamstress would draw the design onto the material and would hand it over to the next seamstress who would complete the black background to separate the coloured elements and then perhaps fill in some of the blue and green elements. Finally another seamstress would complete the remaining coloured elements. 
The tzako or zipouni -short jacket, is one of the most characteristic components of the Greek traditional costumes. Open at the neck and buttoning just below the chest it is made of similar fabric to the pokamiso. The body of the jacket itself is left undecorated save for a red ribbon along the edge. 
The upper sleeves -panomanika, always differently decorated (embroidered) than the rest of the costume, reached to the elbows and the lower sleeves, wider and decorated Iike the hem of the pokamiso, were sewn/attached to the upper sleeves. 
There are other components to the costume that I have not illustrated this time as I wanted to focus on these few but elaborate ones.
The only other elements I hint at are the tassels worn in the hair attached to the plaids and which would normally be tucked into the back of the belt and the headdress of gold coins. 
Note: In my latest artwork I have used my artistic license and strayed somewhat in the colouring of her short jacket (the originals are usually off white cotton like the pokamiso and not purple as depicted in my artwork and the hair tassels are not quite as brightly coloured)
materials: relief art using mixed media on wood panel.
dimensions: 71 x 123 cms 
While the original painting is shipped unframed, the images below are purely to illustrate what the artwork may look like framed.
Myrto and Amalia
Myrto and Amalia
Progress Images & Video

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