New Artwork: Evzone Marching

Started March 10th, 2020

Following a recent trip into Athens to photograph the Evzones standing guard outside Parliament I was inspired to create this artwork. Actually, it’s something I’d long wanted to do (hence the photo shoot for reference). To be honest, I had originally planned to paint an evzone in his summer uniform but I forgot they were still wearing the winter one  but since I actually prefer the winter uniform with the bold indigo blue and red contrasting berets and detail I was only too happy 
Check out my time-lapse style video below – I do keep meaning to do a proper time-lapse but I always get carried away with the artwork and forget to set up my camera! 
You can see more detail shots of this piece and buy original artwork here.
Also, if you’d like to see more of my favourite photos from this photoshoot visit this gallery of my photography website.
Thanks for being here!
Lenochka xx
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