Summer Cocktail
This bold, bright and colourful artwork marks a return to my creating mixed media relief artwork on wood. Following a break of about two years, during which I researched and explored other techniques and a variety of painting skills and media I was -quite unexpectedly- inspired by some ceramic sculptural plant pots. In actual fact I became obsessed and began creating and developing a design that I explored in various versions of itself until it called me to create it in a relief artwork on wood. Initially I called it [or rather the series of designs and patterns I created] 'Obsession', due to the obsession I developed with this design, repeating it in various colour-ways. Later on, following a question I put to my followers on instagram a friend suggested I call the watercolour and gouache piece I did 'Greek Cocktail', which I liked and is what I let it be for a while. But while creating this relief art version of it, which took the better half of the summer working through the designs to complete  it, I decided on 'Summer Cocktail' to mark the period of its manifestation. Et voila! 
I think the reason I became so obsessed with this design and the making of 'Summer Cocktail', was that it represents so many aspects of my self and what makes my heart and soul, and ultimately my creative juices, sing. There's obviously the bold and vibrant colours and their combinations, clean lines, flat and matte colour, bold forms and shapes, repetition with variation and a retro, funky vibe that makes me want to dance. As an artist, who is ever evolving, I can say that this artwork was my "AHA!" moment. A turning point and revelatory event.
Read my blog post to learn more behind the inspiration and process, or simply watch the video here below.
🧿 materials: relief art using mixed media on wood panel.
🧿 dimensions: 122 x 70 x 3,5 cms 

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