Summer Cocktail
This bold, bright and colourful artwork marks a return to my creating mixed media relief artwork on wood. Following a break of about two years, during which I researched and explored other techniques and a variety of painting skills and media I was -quite unexpectedly- inspired by some ceramic sculptural plant pots. In actual fact I became obsessed and began creating and developing a design that I explored in various versions of itself until it called me to create it in a relief artwork on wood. Initially I called it [or rather the series of designs and patterns I created] 'Obsession', due to the obsession I developed with this design, repeating it in various colour-ways. Later on, following a question I put to my followers on instagram a friend suggested I call the watercolour and gouache piece I did 'Greek Cocktail', which I liked and is what I let it be for a while. But while creating this relief art version of it, which took the better half of the summer working through the designs complete  it, I decided on 'Summer Cocktail' to mark the period of its manifestation. Et voila! 
Read my blog post to learn more.
materials: relief art using mixed media on wood panel.
dimensions: 122 x 70 cms 

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