The Gift was created in cooperation with children’s book author Mrs Yota Kotsauti at Ένα κείμενο, μία εικόνα to illustrate the story of the Greek gods Athena and Poseidon and the gift each of them gave to the Athenians competing for the city’s favor. It was a super opportunity for me as I’ve long wanted to try my hand -and imagination- at illustrating a story and in particular a subject which I love, Greek mythology!
‘The Gift’, a mixed media artwork on wood with pyrography detailing is, to date, my most ambitious.
Although the original text is in Greek I have translated it here:
“Poseidon and Athena argued over who would become the protector of the city of Kekropas, present-day Athens. All the gods of Mount Olympus had gathered on the Acropolis, and Kekropas, the first King, asked each of the two gods to offer a gift to the city whereby whoever gave the best one would be the winner. Poseidon struck his trident on the rock of the Acropolis from which salty water burst forth together with a war horse. Athena struck her spear on the rock and all at once an olive tree sprung up and grew filling with fruit … Athena’s gift was favourited and so she became the protector of the city. And that’s how Athens got its name. “

materials: relief art using mixed media on wood panel.
dimensions: 160 x 91 cms 
The Gift
The Gift

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