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I live just outside Athens in Greece, close to the sea, which is a continuous source of inspiration and which I honestly cannot live without! If I cannot see it, I must at least smell it or know it is close by!
What fascinates me about the sea, and when I talk about the sea I mean the Mediterranean Sea, which has a particular quality of colour due to the sunlight here, is the mesmerising variations of blue and turquoise -a favourite colour of mine- the endless horizons and the tantalising promise of what amazing places and adventures lie beyond them.  Gazing towards these horizons gives me a calming sense of freedom. 
My inspiration is borne from a fascination with the natural world, in particular the underwater world, my own heritage and a lifetime of travel and exposure to diverse cultures -I worked on cruise ships for 8 years!
My style can be further defined by a lavish and expressive use of design elements, abstract shapes, symbols, motifs and patterns with which I embellish my subjects  and a unique technique I have developed over the years for creating a rich, tactile quality to my larger pieces on wood. 
As I like to say, "A room full of colour is a room full of joy!" A trait I carry over from my training and work as an interior designer. Colour, embellished with pattern, symbols and motifs is a language I use to communicate the beauty of the world as I see it.
I begin developing my ideas by working with either digital or watercolour & gouache studies, moving onto a larger format where I use mixed media on a prepped wood substrate, etching with the pyrograph to create depth, interesting texture and a tactile quality that begs to be touched.
Although I follow a general plan from my initial studies, I like to allow my intuition to guide me in the actual unfolding of the final piece, allowing for any changes along the way, mostly in my choice of colours and adding or removing certain elements and embellishments as I see fit. I like to think of this as my Creative Muse talking to me and guiding me through it because whenever I finish a piece I am sure that some guiding hand was always with me and I know I was not alone in its creation
The result is an artwork that, oftentimes, quite theatrical in its presence, evokes joy, wonder and fascination.
My all-time go-to paints for the final artwork are acrylics, in particular mat acrylics, as I can layer to my heart's content and create the opaque quality I love.
Apart from artworks my other love is creating surface pattern designs and applying them to various surfaces and products such as rugs, tiles, wallpaper and textiles. You can check those out in my portfolio.
When I'm not painting or working on ideas you'll usually find me walking my dog, taking photos or swimming (in the summer mostly because I am not fond of the cold!).
Oh, and in case you were wondering, while my name is Lena Blonsky, Lenochka is the name those closest to me call me and by which I sign my art.
If you like my style and are interested in licensing, collaborating or commissioning art &/or surface designs please do not hesitate to drop me a message. I am very accessible and always happy to answer any enquiries you may have. You can message me via my contact form or send me an email at and I will get back to you at the really soon!
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