Athena's Owl
The Owl was a commissioned artwork for an Airbnb located in the centre of Athens. I was thrilled to receive this commission and amazed at the synchronicity of its subject matter as I had recently been sketching and exploring the idea of creating an artwork with an owl!
The only real challenge for me in this commission was in keeping to the specific colour palette made up predominantly of neutrals -not my usual colour palette- as per my client’s specifications which pertained to the brand and their colour palette. The theme of this particular Airbnb is the Owl of Athena, which of course inspired the ancient greek elements in my design. Although my artwork is usually more colourful, my client wanted it to be in a predominantly neutral palette following the brand's colours. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed creating this owl and was super pleased with the result, as I believe my client was too!
🧿 The Owl
🧿 Mixed media, etched artwork on raised wood panel with painted sides ready to hang
🧿 100 x 70 x 3 cms (unframed)
🧿 Commissioned artwork
In my client's own words: 
"Let me say, I was very hesitant in commissioning my first piece of artwork in Greece. Being that I live in the USA, I was worried that I couldn't be around to see the work in progress, I couldn't ensure that the artist was actually working and that I would be lost without a final piece of art. 
Lena removed all of those fears. She is the ultimate professional. She organized the work into easy-to-understand blocks of work. Then within those bocks, she shared sketches and pictures, and we discussed next step plans. She walked me through the project so well that I was never confused about what was coming. 
I'd definitely purchase from Lena again."

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